Is your wine vegan?

Most of us are not aware that the majority of wines although made from grapes, contain animal-derived products, as they are used in the winemaking process.

During the fining process, the liquid is filtered through “fining agents” to remove protein, yeast, cloudiness and colourings.
Most of the wines makers use animal-derived fining agents such as milk, blood and bone marrow, fish oil, gelatin and eggs.

Are there any vegan wines?

The short answer is yes! Several wineries use alternative filtration methods that use bentonite clay, limestone, silica gel, and more.

We have a good selection of vegan wines available:

Tamarin Semillon
Picpoul de pinet
Kleinkloof chenin blanc
Rias baixas albarino

Tamarin carmenere
Kleinkloof pinotage
Masi Amarone
Rioja Crianza
Malbec Norton

Pinot grigio rose